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A Ukrainian’s View of MH17

A Ukrainian’s View of MH17

Today we feature a more personal account of MH17, from native Ukrainian Maryna Prykhodko. We would like to emphasize that her account is of her opinion only, and we fully understand its controversial nature.   What can I, a Ukrainian living in America, possibly have to say about the MH17 tragedy that hasn’t already been … Continue reading

  • Born and raised in a small, suburban town in Southern California, I came to develop an enthusiastic curiosity to open myself to everything outside of my small, suburban bubble. Although it was here where I came to understand and value compassion as I witnessed the bonds people made through the comforts of familiarity, it also heightened my excitement to seek out new people, places, and opportunities, and fueled my hunger for something more. I had always been an active member of my community at home, but because of the limitations that came with living in a small town, I also turned to the online community to find more ways I could get involved and give back. I registered with the United Nations to become an official volunteer and was fascinated with how I could speak with children from Africa, tutor kids in Korea, and reach out to make a global impact all within the confines of my very home. In the past three years, I have worked with small charities around the world, ranging from Noble Missions for Change Initiative in Nigeria to HOPE in Los Angeles, California, to help tell their stories and ensure that their voices be heard. As Director of Communications and Creative Services, my main contributions have been to design websites that compellingly capture the essence of each respective organization, and to convey their mission and values in an empowering way. Along with programming the main websites, I also work with strengthening each charity’s social presence by renovating their social media sites and strategizing ways to generate awareness and stimulate interest within the global community. Now, currently living in New York City, a hub rich in history, culture, and connections, I could not be any happier with the incomparable access and opportunities I have just by living here. I am currently at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development pursuing my passion to further advocate for social justice and human rights, and to learn about the different ways I can go about doing so. I absolutely cannot wait to unlock new doors in this haven of resources we call New York City, and to share them with NYU’s Journal of Political and International Affairs. Similar to the work I’ve been doing thus far, I hope to direct attention towards youth activism and global engagement amongst our generation as well as broaden my horizons to become a catalyst for change. With that being said, here’s to a year of exploring, discussing, debating, and deepening our understanding of all things political and international. Here’s to a great year, JPIA.

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