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We’re Happy to Help

3 Apps That Support Charity    Doing good just got easier.  Here are three great apps on the iTunes market that allow you to go about your daily lives while donating proceeds to various charities.  All you have to do is simply download them! 1) Charity Miles It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or … Continue reading

Who’s to Blame?

The rollout of the federal website associated with the Affordable Care Act, healthcare.gov, was an institutional catastrophe. No arguments there. The issues were numerous, ranging from simple interface confusion to much more complex input glitches, data integration problems, security issues, and structural instabilities. Daughters are being listed as mothers, multiple people have the same social security number, and people … Continue reading

Creating a Voting Culture

Why so many eligible young adults, ages 18-29, in New York City choose not to vote is a debatable. Regardless, voters and non-voters both influence the outcome of elections. In 2010, New York ranked lowest in the nation in voter turnout. NYC’s voter turnout is similarly low and NYC’s young adults are consistently the most underrepresented group. Costly … Continue reading

Bond vs. Snowden

Every little kid wishes he could be James Bond. Smart, tech-savvy, wins all the ladies, jet sets around the world on dangerous, world-saving missions. Recently, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Jack Devine, visited one of my classes. According to him, a CIA spy’s real life is not far off. He also joked about the glamorization … Continue reading

We’d Might As Well Vote Tomorrow

Read Raj’s response to this week’s question about the NYC mayoral elections. New York City’s mayoral race is turning out to pit the turtle against the hare. In a poll last week, Democrat Bill de Blasio blew Republican Joe Lhota out of the water. With a disadvantage of about 40 percentage points and only three … Continue reading

Discussion: NYC Mayoral Elections

This week, we asked our bloggers to respond to the following question about our city’s upcoming mayoral elections. Check back in this week to read their answers, given in the following posts! As you all know the New York City mayoral elections are coming up on November 5th, between current Public Advocate Bill de Blasio … Continue reading

Alison in the Big City

Born and raised in a small, suburban town in Southern California, I came to develop an enthusiastic curiosity to open myself to everything outside of my small, suburban bubble. Although it was here where I came to understand and value compassion as I witnessed the bonds people made through the comforts of familiarity, it also heightened my excitement … Continue reading

The Truth about Ruosi

As I carried my new backpack filled with chocolate goodies, my mom’s reassuring grasp held my hand, making me feel satisfied and safe.  Little did I know, a complete stranger’s smile would soon shatter my four-year-old self’s world view.  I cannot even recall the names of my favorite playmates from that innocent age, but I … Continue reading

Get to Know Raj

I was born and raised in a place that was comfortably separated from the repercussions of international and political decisions. So, naturally, I was attracted to them. As I grew up and craved something slightly more than anything my town could provide, it became more interesting for me on a given day to open up … Continue reading

Introducing Sami

Hello all, My name is Sami and I am a freshman at Stern. Aside from U.S. politics, I will be writing and posting about foreign relations and European affairs. As you may have seen from my bio, I was born in the UK and I’ve also spent a lot of time traveling across Europe. Last summer I worked … Continue reading

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