The Journal of Politics and International Affairs at NYU is a student-run publication that provides a focused forum for outstanding student work on relevant, thought-provoking topics in the international landscape. The Journal aims to stimulate scholarly discourse through a diversity of methods and opinions supported by academic research.

Editors select respected academics, prominent public figures, and thought leaders to contribute a headline article to each issue. The rest of the articles are written and edited exclusively by NYU students.

The Journal provides a forum for students, believing their contributions to be not only legitimate and positive, but also crucial to the intellectual growth of students at New York University and of students nationwide.

Please e-mail submissions, questions, and comments to jpia.club@nyu.edu.

Join our listserv by sending an e-mail to join-jpia-club@lists.nyu.edu.

The Journal of Politics and International Affairs Blog provides a platform for students, professionals and politically-minded people alike to discuss, debate and learn about current affairs. To encourage online interaction, we have established the “Discussion Question of the Week” and the “Monthly Essay Contest.”

Discussion Question of the Week:

To encourage livelier discourse within our community, we post a discussion question each week relating to current political events. We want to hear your opinions on the week’s headlines. Here, we give you a platform to debate, argue, reflect, whatever you please. Just comment below—it can be short and sweet, or long and detailed.



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