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Get Involved

Since we live in New York City – an international hub overflowing with resources –  it only seems right to make the most of everything happening around us. As it can get a bit overwhelming with the plethora of opportunities taking place right here in NYC, here is a break down of events that you can attend to … Continue reading

How Much Do We Not Know?

And lastly, Alison’s post: Reported by various news outlets, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying and collecting information on German Chancellor Angela Merkel through her very own cell phone since 2002, rendering over a decade of breached trust. As we are unsure of the exact reasons why the U.S. government would tap into … Continue reading

We’re Happy to Help

3 Apps That Support Charity    Doing good just got easier.  Here are three great apps on the iTunes market that allow you to go about your daily lives while donating proceeds to various charities.  All you have to do is simply download them! 1) Charity Miles It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or … Continue reading

Alison in the Big City

Born and raised in a small, suburban town in Southern California, I came to develop an enthusiastic curiosity to open myself to everything outside of my small, suburban bubble. Although it was here where I came to understand and value compassion as I witnessed the bonds people made through the comforts of familiarity, it also heightened my excitement … Continue reading

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