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A Ukrainian’s View of MH17

Today we feature a more personal account of MH17, from native Ukrainian Maryna Prykhodko. We would like to emphasize that her account is of her opinion only, and we fully understand its controversial nature.   What can I, a Ukrainian living in America, possibly have to say about the MH17 tragedy that hasn’t already been … Continue reading

Race with China—The Environmental Leg?

In late April, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, China, revised its environmental protection laws for the first time in twenty-five years. According Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, the revisions will allow for stricter punishments against companies or individuals caught polluting the environment. This comes after the country had long rejected adhering to clean energy … Continue reading

The Carnival of Democracy: An Overview of the World’s Largest Electoral Exercise

Who among us does not feel the pulse of U.S. Presidential elections? Pundits, news debates, predictions, polls…and more polls have become a ubiquitous part of our lives leading up to Election Day. They are the envy of the world, often hailed as being the largest democratic exercise in the world–except they are not. The electorate … Continue reading

Should the U.S. Fear the Rise of China? A Former Ambassador’s Take

The United States and China seem to be in a race of sorts, competing for economic influence, military power, and political control.  Although the U.S. is still in the lead, China is not far behind, hot on its heels. Should the U.S. fear that China will soon overtake it? In a discussion he had with … Continue reading

Vanished Into Thin Air

These past two weeks have been torrid ones for the world’s leaders, with an outlandish and largely controversial referendum in Crimea finally leading to its annexation. Little did I think that the focus of my article this week would be on the rather mysterious developments in the Malay peninsula, following the almost bizarre ‘disappearance’ of … Continue reading

Cold War Rematch: How the U.S. Can Win in Ukraine

Today we feature a piece from a member of the editorial board (and treasurer) of the Journal, Ian Manley. Focusing on U.S. policy in Ukraine, he hopes to generate a conversation on the topic. Please leave your comments below or send your longer responses to nty204@nyu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!  — Russia’s … Continue reading

Tradition and Modernity in the UK

The UK is known for its rich heritage and traditions as well as its liberal modernity. Although different, tradition and modernity are not mutually exclusive and have been reconciled by the UK to create a unique portrayal of its national identity. There are countless examples to cite that show this balance, but this post will … Continue reading

We Were Progressing, Weren’t We?

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was not just about the athletes, or the medals, or even our obsession with whether curling was a sport or not. Russia’s massively controversial anti-gay laws were much of the focal point as well, with protests and detainments left, right, and center. The high profile event has brought the … Continue reading

Imagination from Stonehenge to Salisbury

This semester, one of our contributors, Ruosi Wang, is studying in London. Here’s her first post on her travels abroad. Stay tuned for more updates from across the pond!  After a week filled with rainy forecasts in London, I savored the rare sunbeams that appeared on the day of my Stonehenge and Salisbury trip. I … Continue reading

A Story from the Past

One of our own members, Natascha Yogachandra, recently got her piece published by an online publication called Narratively! The story chronicles the journey she took in exploring her father’s past relating to the Sri Lankan civil war. The article is a product of a year’s worth of interviews and fact-collecting—and in the story she finally … Continue reading

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