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Reading Rec: China’s Crackdown on Corruption

China’s finally going after one of the richest families in the country and investigating the source of their wealth. Does this mean that corruption is finally diminishing? Absolutely not. Several members of the Zhou family have been detained by authorities and whereabouts unknown. It is going to be interesting to follow where the investigation will … Continue reading

Shout Out to NYU Model UN

I spent last Thursday through Sunday staffing for NYUMUNCV, a fun, fast-paced, stressful college Model UN conference. As veteran Model UN-ers know, the most difficult part of Model UN isn’t the months of prior research or speaking intelligently in front of a room of strangers on the spot. The hardest part is explaining to those … Continue reading

Commending the Searchers of the Washington Mudslide and MH370

I would like to take a moment to commend human willpower and compassion. The last few weeks have been marred by several tragedies, notably the mudslide in Washington State and the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. In the midst of these horrific events, humans cannot help but cling onto the slightest sliver of hope. Rescue efforts … Continue reading

Yes, I Am Talking About the Oscars Over Ukraine

It seemed largely appropriate to talk about the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but given the recent nature of the events, it was not appropriate to ponder on unfinished circumstances. Perhaps as more unfolds in the next few days, commentary on the situation will be more fitting. Onto the Oscars. Like millions of others around the … Continue reading

We Were Progressing, Weren’t We?

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was not just about the athletes, or the medals, or even our obsession with whether curling was a sport or not. Russia’s massively controversial anti-gay laws were much of the focal point as well, with protests and detainments left, right, and center. The high profile event has brought the … Continue reading

A Powerful Pair: the Clintons and Gates

This past Thursday, I had the honor of watching Hillary Clinton, her daughter, Chelsea, and Melinda Gates speak at NYU about women’s progress. The event focused on the importance of research and data on the status of women and girls around the world. A joint venture between the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda … Continue reading

No Hope, At Least for Now

As a Filipino, discussing Haiyan (or Yolanda in the Philippine naming system) and the destruction it brought to the Philippines brings a tear to my eye. The death toll is rising every day. Infrastructure is ruined. Looting and crime has become rampant and commonplace. Rebuilding will take years, maybe even decades. Thousands of families are … Continue reading

The NSA Game is Now Harder to Play

This week, we asked our bloggers to respond to the National Security Agency’s decision to bug German Chacellor Angela Merkel’s phone from 2002 to 2013. Check in every day this week to read a different side of the story, as told by our JPIA writers. – – – Here’s what Kathy had to say: Edward Snowden … Continue reading

Bond vs. Snowden

Every little kid wishes he could be James Bond. Smart, tech-savvy, wins all the ladies, jet sets around the world on dangerous, world-saving missions. Recently, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Jack Devine, visited one of my classes. According to him, a CIA spy’s real life is not far off. He also joked about the glamorization … Continue reading

Discussion: NYC Mayoral Elections

This week, we asked our bloggers to respond to the following question about our city’s upcoming mayoral elections. Check back in this week to read their answers, given in the following posts! As you all know the New York City mayoral elections are coming up on November 5th, between current Public Advocate Bill de Blasio … Continue reading

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