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Race with China—The Environmental Leg?

In late April, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, China, revised its environmental protection laws for the first time in twenty-five years. According Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, the revisions will allow for stricter punishments against companies or individuals caught polluting the environment. This comes after the country had long rejected adhering to clean energy … Continue reading

The Great Schism Finally in Reverse

This year’s Easter falling on the same date for Eastern Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics characterizes the ever-improving relationship between the two Christian denominations. The Orthodox and Catholic churches split after their historic “schism” in 1054. However, since the middle of the 20th century, dignitaries of the long disconnected faiths have made great strides toward … Continue reading

Reading Rec: The Drone Race Takes Off On Multiple Fronts

In 2011, The New York Times published an article titled, “Coming Soon: The Drone Arms Race.” The article foresaw a new “Arms Race” commencing, this time not in pursuit of the nuclear bomb, but in a new weapon, which to some is even more startling— the unmanned drone. Defense departments in nations across the globe … Continue reading

Should the U.S. Fear the Rise of China? A Former Ambassador’s Take

The United States and China seem to be in a race of sorts, competing for economic influence, military power, and political control.  Although the U.S. is still in the lead, China is not far behind, hot on its heels. Should the U.S. fear that China will soon overtake it? In a discussion he had with … Continue reading

A Sea of Uncertainty: The Future and The Internet

As we return from spring break and reluctantly resume our daily routines, start the week with Konstantine’s post on the future of the Internet. — With our tiny hands gripping the warm metal door handles of our minivan, my twin brother and I would desperately wait to hear the liberating beep and rescuing click that signaled … Continue reading

George Washington, Alexander the Great,and Papou

My grandfather, or “Papou,” as we like to call him, is a humble man who still drives a red 1995 Ford Taurus. He always wears his brown low-cut boots and grey slacks, and will, at all times, have one of his 99-cent baseball caps on his head. His daily routine consists of driving to 86th … Continue reading

Greek Oil—Not from Olives

Light at the end of the tunnel can sometimes be blinding. As it records its first account surplus in recent history, Greece is seeing the light and is actively taking steps to allow for future economic growth. However, if not taken carefully, these steps can lead the country in the wrong direction. In an effort … Continue reading

The Final Frontier: A Public or Private Venture?

Here’s the first blog post of the semester, as well as the first post of our new blogger, Konstantine Tettonis! We’re all very excited to have him on board.  When we say, “The Final Frontier,” we no longer look west, towards the Pacific; we look up, to the sky. Cowboys, horses, and stagecoaches have no … Continue reading

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