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A Ukrainian’s View of MH17

Today we feature a more personal account of MH17, from native Ukrainian Maryna Prykhodko. We would like to emphasize that her account is of her opinion only, and we fully understand its controversial nature.   What can I, a Ukrainian living in America, possibly have to say about the MH17 tragedy that hasn’t already been … Continue reading

How Europe Can Cooperate for a Stronger Defense

Today, we feature a piece by Lee Ciocia, a junior in CAS studying International Relations. His policy interests include international security, economic development, and public health, especially with regards to nutrition policy and mental illness. In the midst of an ongoing debt crisis, the task of deficit reduction has forced some European Union member states to make … Continue reading

Shout Out to NYU Model UN

I spent last Thursday through Sunday staffing for NYUMUNCV, a fun, fast-paced, stressful college Model UN conference. As veteran Model UN-ers know, the most difficult part of Model UN isn’t the months of prior research or speaking intelligently in front of a room of strangers on the spot. The hardest part is explaining to those … Continue reading

David Cameron and the European Union

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, promised a referendum that would allow Britons to express their approval or disapproval of Britain’s membership in the European Union. This seemingly harmless promise is actually a way for Cameron to appease rightwing conservatives in his party, as well as a strategy to keep the UK Independence Party (UKIP)— devoted solely … Continue reading

Commending the Searchers of the Washington Mudslide and MH370

I would like to take a moment to commend human willpower and compassion. The last few weeks have been marred by several tragedies, notably the mudslide in Washington State and the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. In the midst of these horrific events, humans cannot help but cling onto the slightest sliver of hope. Rescue efforts … Continue reading

Fascism Without Representation: Ukraine’s Political Turn for the Worst, and What Russia Is Doing About It

Here’s another response to Ian’s article, Cold War Rematch: How the U.S. Can Win in Ukraine. This time, we hear from Artyom Kushnarov, a freshman in the Liberal Studies Program at NYU, looking to major in International Relations and Economics.  His favorite areas of study are the Roman Empire, especially the later Roman Empire and the transition … Continue reading

Raise Your Voice, Join the Debate

We are so happy to welcome Abhishek Dalal to our JPIA blog team! Here’s his first post on the unique experience of studying at NYU.  A lot of the times, professors, friends and peers ask me why I chose to study in the United States. While it would suffice to say that the education system … Continue reading

Response to Cold War Rematch

The following is a response written by Erich Helmreich to Ian Manley’s article, Cold War Rematch: How the U.S. Can Win in Ukraine. Erich  is a junior studying political science and is a research assistant at the Center on Law and Security at the NYU Law School. I would like to thank Mr. Ian Manley of JPIA … Continue reading

Yes, I Am Talking About the Oscars Over Ukraine

It seemed largely appropriate to talk about the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but given the recent nature of the events, it was not appropriate to ponder on unfinished circumstances. Perhaps as more unfolds in the next few days, commentary on the situation will be more fitting. Onto the Oscars. Like millions of others around the … Continue reading

Cold War Rematch: How the U.S. Can Win in Ukraine

Today we feature a piece from a member of the editorial board (and treasurer) of the Journal, Ian Manley. Focusing on U.S. policy in Ukraine, he hopes to generate a conversation on the topic. Please leave your comments below or send your longer responses to nty204@nyu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!  — Russia’s … Continue reading

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