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David Cameron and the European Union

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, promised a referendum that would allow Britons to express their approval or disapproval of Britain’s membership in the European Union. This seemingly harmless promise is actually a way for Cameron to appease rightwing conservatives in his party, as well as a strategy to keep the UK Independence Party (UKIP)— devoted solely … Continue reading

Tradition and Modernity in the UK

The UK is known for its rich heritage and traditions as well as its liberal modernity. Although different, tradition and modernity are not mutually exclusive and have been reconciled by the UK to create a unique portrayal of its national identity. There are countless examples to cite that show this balance, but this post will … Continue reading

Imagination from Stonehenge to Salisbury

This semester, one of our contributors, Ruosi Wang, is studying in London. Here’s her first post on her travels abroad. Stay tuned for more updates from across the pond!  After a week filled with rainy forecasts in London, I savored the rare sunbeams that appeared on the day of my Stonehenge and Salisbury trip. I … Continue reading

Creating a Voting Culture

Why so many eligible young adults, ages 18-29, in New York City choose not to vote is a debatable. Regardless, voters and non-voters both influence the outcome of elections. In 2010, New York ranked lowest in the nation in voter turnout. NYC’s voter turnout is similarly low and NYC’s young adults are consistently the most underrepresented group. Costly … Continue reading

The Truth about Ruosi

As I carried my new backpack filled with chocolate goodies, my mom’s reassuring grasp held my hand, making me feel satisfied and safe.  Little did I know, a complete stranger’s smile would soon shatter my four-year-old self’s world view.  I cannot even recall the names of my favorite playmates from that innocent age, but I … Continue reading

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