Maggie Schultz

Maggie is a Steinhardt & CAS Senior majoring in Media, Culture & Communications and Politics. Her academic interests involve U.S. elections and the public opinion and media interest surrounding them. Post graduation this Spring, she hopes and plans to either work for a political consulting firm or for a political news organization. She loves to travel, and has studied abroad in both Paris and Berlin. Besides school and the Journal, she interns for the politics unit at a local news station, goes for runs on the Hudson, plays with her roommate’s puppy, and goes out to eat as often as time and her student budget allows.


 Stephanie Ullman

Stephanie Ullman is a senior in CAS majoring in Politics with minors in German and Educational Policy. Her main policy interests are primarily U.S.-based, with a focus on public education, immigration, and the justice system. After her graduation, Stephanie intends to obtain her Master’s in Education in order to teach in urban public schools. When she is not in school or working on the Journal, she participates NYU’s Model United Nations club, works as an after school instructor, and spends lots of time reading during her long commute(s). She can be reached at sau209@nyu.edu.



Ian Manley, Treasurer

Ian is a Junior majoring in International Relations. After a semester abroad in Argentina last spring, he made his own pivot to Asia and is now studying Chinese as his third language with a focus on U.S.-China relations. In addition to serving as Editor and Treasurer for the Journal, Ian is also on the Executive Board for Model UN and the International Relations Society and interns in the editorial department at the Council on Foreign Relations. In his free time he enjoys distance running and dreams to one day hunt tigers from the back of an elephant. His favorite book: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard.


 Erica Li

Erica Li is a CAS senior double majoring in Politics and East Asian Studies with a minor in Art History. She is incredibly interested in international law, especially regarding disputed territories and the use of force. Outside of school, she is passionate about increasing global affairs education through Model United Nations. In her spare time, she likes going to concerts, visiting farmers markets, and exploring New York.


Anjana Sreedhar 

Anjana is a sophomore in NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences studying International Relations and Gender and Sexuality, with a great interest in international feminism/women’s rights. She would eventually like to work on combating both international and localized women’s issues, especially domestic violence and sexual assault. Anjana has had past experience working in an immigration law firm and New York City nonprofit organization. When she’s not doing work for the Journal, you can find her writing articles for PolicyMic, Generasian, and Washington Square News, arguing about the present status of women of color and the LGBTQ community, and researching about sex trafficking. In her free time, she can be found watching Downton Abbey or Mad Men with a cup of masala chai. Anjana can be reached at as6804@nyu.edu.

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Alex Hasapidis

Alex is a Junior at the College of Arts and Science, majoring in Politics minoring in Economics. His academic interests include entitlement reform, national security, electoral politics, and congressional affairs. In pursuit of these interests, he has interned in a number of governmental institutions and political campaigns, and he hopes to work on Capitol Hill following graduation. In his free time, Alex enjoys reading about American history, sailing, and running.


Kenzi Abou-Sabe

Kenzi is a sophomore in the Liberal Studies program planning on double majoring in Journalism and Middle East & Islamic Studies. She spent her freshman year abroad at NYU in London and hopes to go abroad again. Academically, she is particularly interested in issues of global public health and economics in the Middle East and developing nations. She’s also a web producer on a cultural anthropology blog called Hey Girl Global and a TA at the NYU TV-12 Television Studios in Tisch. Kenzi plans on going into broadcast news production or magazine journalism in the future, but will pretty much do any job that lets her travel, stalk food markets, and be generally nosy about all things feminist. Also, pickles and dumplings are the keys to her heart. Not together though, that’s just weird.


Lyle Li

Lyle is currently a freshmen at the College of Arts and Science, hoping to pursue a double major in Politics and Economics. Within the vast spectrum of international affairs, he is most interested in the area of human rights, especially those within developing nations. Outside of academics, he enjoys creative writing as well as following basketball religiously. He joined the Journal because it was a crossroad for the many things that intrigues him.



Sabine Teyssier, Co-director

Sabine is a sophomore in Liberal Studies with an interest in international affairs and human rights. She interned at Teens Turning Green for two years, developing an eye for all things organic and socially just. Hoping to combine these two subject areas, Sabine would like to work towards global sustainable development. In her spare time she can be found watching The Colbert Report, perfecting her foreign language skills, or poring over the dessert section in Whole Foods. You can contact her at sst303@nyu.edu


Natascha Yogachandra, Co-director

Natascha is a senior in CAS majoring in journalism and anthropology. Originally from Fairport, New York, she left her suburban bubble at age 12 to move to India and later Thailand for non-profit work. Currently she serves as the chairperson of Hope is Life Foundation, which focuses on eradicating illiteracy around the world. She daydreams on the regular about working at National Geographic while roaming New York City, trying to find new cafes at which to write–and of course, to eat. You can contact her at nty204@nyu.edu.


Valentina Duque Bojanini, Social Media Coordinator

Valentina is originally from Medellin, Colombia, but lived on an island off the coast of Seattle for twelve years. She is currently a Freshman at CAS intending to major in International Relations, with a possible minor in Art History. Valentina has worked extensively with Amnesty International, which sparked her interest in all things politics and International Relations. She believes that students have powerful opinions, and her goal is to make them heard by projecting the JPIA voice through social media.

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Ruosi Wang, Blogger

Ruosi, 19, is currently a sophomore in CAS pursuing Philosophy and Economics. She is passionate about public service and aspires to utilize her education from NYU to promote economic development in her home state, Rhode Island, as well as within the US and abroad. Ruosi has worked for RI’s Fiscal Staff, contributing her economic impact research in a report to the RI Transportation Funding Commission. Outside of campus activities, she also loves running, theology, and exploring diverse cultures.

Ruosi_JIAP photo

Alison Lee, Blogger

Alison is currently a freshman at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and has a strong interest in international relations and human rights. Alison is an advocate for creative design development for change, often finding ways to incorporate art in her work to encourage youth involvement and activism within the global community. She enjoys challenging common beliefs and sharing her thoughts and experiences with others through writing, film, and photography. You can follow Alison on Twitter (@AlisonELee) or shoot her an email at ael465@nyu.edu.

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Kathy Dimaya, Blogger

Kathy Dimaya, a freshman at CAS for Economics and International Relations, has been studying current events and world politics for as long as she can remember. She is an avid Model UN delegate, UNICEF volunteer, and musician. She has lived in all sorts of places, including Manila, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, and Houston, where she developed a love for the world at a young age. Kathy enjoys swing jazz and classic rock as well as old literature, video games, and the Sunday cartoons in the newspaper.


Konstantine Tettonis, Blogger

Kontantine Tettonis is a freshman in the College of Arts and Science, majoring in Politics and minoring in Economics. He is a proud New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. As part of a Greek-American family, Konstantine makes his heritage a huge part of who he is and enjoys visiting Greece every summer. His particular areas of interests in international affairs include energy and the environment, development economics, education, and international security issues. He is an Eagle Scout, former intern for the Office of the Mayor, and volunteer at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Konstantine aspires to go on to law school after college and become involved in policy-making.


Abhishek Dalal, Blogger

Abhishek is from Mumbai, India and is currently a freshman at the College of Arts and Sciences pursing a double major in Economics and Politics. His interests range from debating, Model United Nations and, of course, keeping abreast with the latest geopolitical events across the world with an emphasis on developments in Europe and South, East Asia.


Lucas Vazquez, Blogger

Lucas Vazquez is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Journalism and Sociology and minoring in political science. He is a part of NYU’s MLK Jr. Scholars Program and has worked for the New York Civil Liberties Union and various labor unions, sparking his interest in politics and social issues. He wants to apply his passion and knowledge of such issues in journalism and believes that it is a medium through which those in power should be held accountable–and seeks to do so in the future. He can be reached at lv595@nyu.edu.



Raj Sanghvi, Blogger

Raj is a freshman in CAS, majoring in economics and psychology. Born and bred in suburban New Jersey, he’s lived a quiet life free of natural disasters and productive activity. He developed an interest in international affairs because it was grandiose and fascinating when compared to his surroundings. He will read anything about anything and has a pipe dream of opening up a bookstore. He likes to form opinions and, arguably more so, likes to hear the opinions of others. He also drinks a little too much coffee, but it’s because he “actually likes the taste of it.” He’s not addicted, he promises.


Sami Haidar, Blogger

Sami is a Stern freshman in the Business and Political Economy program. Born in the UK but raised in vibrant New York City, he interned last summer for a British Member of Parliament of the Labour Party. He is probably one of the most leftist students to ever study business. He is interested in U.S. politics, as well as foreign relations and international economics. When he’s not working, you can expect to find him with his headphones on, blasting old school hip-hop and voraciously reading the Economist. Sami can be reached at sh3199@nyu.edu and can also be stalked on Twitter (@Sami7795).

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